Tree Chart Visualization in Coda

We’re looking for a general solution for creating tree charts in Coda.

You’re welcome to use Packs or suggest creating one.

We are aware of @Paul_Danyliuk’s great post on using SVG: Mind map (tree chart) implementation (!) - #42 by Paul_Danyliuk

We’re looking for a solution that:

  1. Handles any amount of text (multi-line)
  2. Fits within the bounds of the embed by default

An ideal addition would be that we could bring in multiple columns (like a card).

What solutions would you propose?

@Artem_F and I expanded upon the SVG trick with an SVG+HTML solution that can handle both requirements (since it uses HTML/CSS layouts and not raw SVG) and the bonus one as well. Highly customizable too, and all live without a pack.

If this works for ya, ping me and I’ll connect you with Artem so that he can recreate this for you.


@Paul_Danyliuk How can I get access to the interactive version and copy it on my coda doc?

Hey @Panos_Dareios, for the SVG chart I replied you on that other thread, and for this HTML one ping Artem at and figure it with him :slight_smile: