Treemap Chart Type

Suggesting support for a treemap chart type.

Generally these are used to convey a similar message as a pie chart (already supported), but can be much easier to read. One reason they are easier to read is that treemap in the shape of square/rectangle with width of X can use more visual space than a circle with diameter of X.

If you’re down to hack a bit, you can get what you want with this thread

That’s pretty awesome, however I’m actually referring to another chart type referred to as the “Treemap”: Treemapping - Wikipedia

But the tree chart example you showed might help me with another visualization I wanted to do, but didn’t think was possible. So thanks!

Well, that kind of a treemap is also implementable. It’s just that you have to code the algorithm to make those SVG nodes yourself. Which may be tricky.

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Haha I spent some time with this doc and yeah it’s pretty tricky to implement your own visualizations. But you’ll also learn a lot!

it is possible to create treemaps and other graph based diagrams using the DOT language by Graphviz.

see a simple example here


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I’ve had pretty good success with QuickChart and setting up a table-embedded chart is really simple. @David_Kossnick tipped me off and I’ve refined the process to make it really easy.