Mind Mapping using GraphViz DOT Language

At Agile-Dynamics.com we use Mind Mapping all the time with our clients (who dont use Miro).
This is a DEMO of the GraphViz DOT Language system we use for OrgChart-like graphs.

If you want a solution that does not use a cloud service, see @Paul_Danyliuk 's SVG solution here…



This is so great, can’t believe I only now stumbled upon this! I am always looking for ways to improve the visualisation of how the data contained within a specific Coda doc is inter-connected, this could be very useful for that.

Thanks so much for sharing, @Xyzor_Max!


I prefer the mind maps generated by GraphViz DOT language and the QuickChart.io server generates un-watermarked charts for free - so thats what we have used in Agile-Dynamics. In fact we are hoping to build a Pack to simplify this by extracting the data from a structured bullet-list (or checklist or folding list) in the canvas and generating a mindmap automatically from that. In this proposed Pack you can set some rules for the shapes and colors of nodes. But we have not even started on that project yet.

Meantime @Leandro_Zubrezki has built a Mermaid Pack that uses a different markup language to generate UML diagrams (specific to software development) such as Entity/Relationship diagrams.

The post is here

You need to study the ‘language’ used by each one in order to use it.

Also there is the pure-coda solution ingeniously encoded by @Paul_Danyliuk posted here

Finally, there is the excellent all-round whiteboarding & diagramming tool, Miro, which is beautifully integrated into Coda (look under the Packs) which I use myself on my Tablet & Pen - way more sophisticated, but not able to generate diagrams from Coda tables as the other solutions can.

I met Tony Buzan (tonybuzan.com) in the UK as a teenager (he was a great proponent of mind mapping) and I loved them immediately, all the more because my teachers and elders all hated them (and I was such a rebel)! So I’ve been ‘mapping’ all my adult life. Every decade or so they are ‘rediscovered’ again and become the rage.



Thanks for mentioned Mermaid @Xyzor_Max Max!

I have updated the example doc with how to can generate flowcharts based on a table and planning to include more advanced examples. I have seen users creating a whole flowchart of people, projects and tasks all in a single image :exploding_head:

There is also a new section around styling, you can use custom colors for links and node, even define a class name and then apply the class to the nodes you want.

Happy to help setting up the same with Mermaid :slight_smile:

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@Xyzor_Max , thanks so much for sharing your perspective! I had the pleasure of testing @Leandro_Zubrezki’s Mermaid pack at the Coda pack session and I loved it! Can’t wait for its release!

I fully agree with you, Miro is absolutely stunning in terms of UI, but I feel that the possibility of creating visualization directly out of Coda tables is what will be key.

Personally, I have invested a lot (as in, A LOT) of time in bending Microsoft’s Visio to my needs, simply because I always wanted to have a solution where I could create flow charts formulaically (the more thought of sketching out an Org Chart in Miro makes me shudder, for example. Granted, it will probably only 3 minutes to drag-and-drop and fill in the boxes, but it just goes against my preference to do things manually that should be automated :wink:

I remember we had professor at university who had also learned directly from Tony Buzan, and that tainted my love for mind maps somewhat. His solution to any- and everything (be it " How do I solve this assignment?" to “What will the weather be?” was always “CREATE A MIND MAP - and the answer will become clear to you” :wink: Who knew he was right :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!


The answer is A MINDMAP !

Now… what is the question ?