Trying to format number 15,542,256 to $15.5 M

I am trying to format a number 15,000,000 to 15M. This issue I am having is that when I try to create a column that does this 15,569,245/1,000,000 the result is 15.569245 which I then want to format as just $15.6 M. I am doing this in two steps currently.

Col A 15569245/1000000 , then set the column formatting to numbers with 1 decimal.
Then in another column i concatenate ("$", ColA, “M”)

Is there a better way?

Hey @David_Baca I would add Round() or RoundUp()/RoundDown() to get your 15.569245 to 15.6, then use Concatenate():

Concat("$",Round([Col A],1)," M")

Good luck!

I did try this but I get a wrong argument type error.

Round expect parameter number to be a number , a formatted number, a percentage or a currency amount but found [ColA] which can match a column or a list of number

I forgot to mention that ColA has a filtered formula/lookup column

Hi @David_Baca

there are two possibilities, depending on your lookup filter.

  1. [row data type] It’s a single result but you need to access the relevant column of that lookup table. Such as [Col A].Amount
  2. [list data type]: your filter already takes the relevant property, but there are more results (even if it’s displayed one). In that case you should either narrow (First(), Last(), Nth()) or aggregate (Sum(), SumIf(), …) the filter in order to have only one value.

Having a preview of your filter would help :slight_smile:
Anyway: let me know if this helps.


It was a list data type Once i entered in the .first() it worked like it should. Thanks!

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