Two detail views of the same table - help please

I would like to create two different detail views of the same table. I have a table for work meetings. For past meetings, I want to show sections for meeting notes, questions and summary. For future meetings, I want to show fields that help me prep an agenda or input an agenda that has been shared, participants, etc. Every time I change the detail view for past meetings it changes the detail view for future meetings and vice versa. So each time I have to update what columns are displayed, which is a big pain in the neck. Please help!

Hi @Margarita_Alonzo :blush: !

You can create 2 different detail layouts (with different configurations, showing/hiding different fields, etc…) and apply one to the view you use for your past meetings and the other on the view you use for the future ones :blush: .

There are multiple ways to create layouts so, here’s just one of them :innocent: .

For the first view you’ll see in the sample below called [Past Meetings (View)], I clicked on the Display which appears when hovering the “title” area of the view …

This opened the Detail display menu where I clicked on the button Edit layout.

Which took me to the Layout Editor while creating a brand new layout called Layout 1 where I renamed the Layout 1 into something more suitable, and configured it as I wanted…

For the future meetings in the view called [Future Meetings (View)] I followed the same path :

DisplayDetail display menu …

… and in the dropdown under Layout I chose the option + New layout.

… Which once again took me to the Layout Editor where I renamed the layout into something else and displayed what I wanted and how I wanted it :blush: .

So I now have the layout Past Meetings applied to the view [Past Meetings (View)] and the layout Future Meeting applied to the view [Future Meetings (View)] :blush:

I hope this helps :innocent:


Wow! Thanks a bunch. I followed your guide and it worked perfectly. I was running in circles and getting frustrated. Having this will help me have a place for all my meeting notes and prep. Thanks again!!

My pleasure @Margarita_Alonzo :grin: !
I’m very glad to know it helped you moving forward :grin: !

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