Multiple form layouts

Hi, I have a table that supports two kinds report input. There are columns used by both kinds, and there are columns used by only one kind. I created two form layouts and made them accessible through two individual pages. Would it be better if I just created two different tables?

Hi, @Tomislav_Mamic … it sounds like you have two form layouts that both submit their data to the same table? If so, could you tell me how you do that? I’ve tried making two form layouts…but everytime I edit the layout for one form it changes the layout for the other form too.

Many thanks for helping if you can.


The trick is to create a separate views of that table and set different default form view for each table view.


Hey @Tomislav_Mamic and @Gregg_Stebben ,

just to clear up the terms, every view has it’s own display properties, one of those is the layout. The default layout lists the columns in the order of the original table when you create the form. You can also create and name new layouts or use layouts you already created in other views.

@Tomislav_Mamic if you need to list or evaluate all reports for some use cases, I would recommend to keep them in one table.


Thank you @Tomislav_Mamic @M_Schneider !
That was easy, I should have been able to figure that out on my own… :wink:

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this is great, it permits me to have one base table and various forms in different languages asking all for the same (like first name, last name etc) and have the data arriving in the same base table. Very flexible without integrations of any kind!