Unable to move cursor up or down using arrow keys within a table cell

In a table cell having multiline and formatted text, I am unable to move cursor up or down from current line using arrow keys. Also I couldn’t move cursor to start/end of current line using home/end keys.

When I checked the console while pressing above keys, following error message gets printed for each key press.

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘top’ of undefined

When I delete one of the lines by pressing backspace key repeatedly, following error page is shown.

After clicking ‘Reload doc’ button, bullet point of the deleted line gets joined with nearby bullet point.

Embedding the doc

Dear @raven_claw , welcome to the community :handshake:

I recommend to get in contact with support at support@coda.io or through Intercom at the “?” at the right bottom of your doc.


It might be that the bug is solved as posted below

Thanks for the reply. I am still facing the issue. This fix appears to solve different bug where lookup column is uneditable. In my case, I can edit the cell contents in concerned column which has text as its type.

I have initiated the discussion with support team as well.