Lookup columns displayed as subtables in layout view are completely uneditable


This bug appeared since yesterday and is rendering all of our docs unusable.

Basically, there seems to be an interface bug that is making it impossible to change any values if you are in a modal view (row expand) where the column being edited is a lookup column displayed as a subtable. You can’t add or remove rows to the subtable either.

We rely heavily on subtables in all our docs and we are completely stuck. The issue appears in both old and brand new docs. Please assist urgently.


Illustrating the point (my first ever screen gif, yeay!):


I deal with similar situation. I tried to reduce size of doc and rewrite the formula - the issue is persisted

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I though it was a formula issue in my doc :exploding_head:
I can at least expand the row and then I can edit it, but this is definitely a bug that hopefully gets fixed soon

I have the exact same problem

I found that problem too,I think this is bug.
Need some help from Coda teams

Dear Codans, can someone from your side please acknowledge that you’ve seen this and are hopefully working on a fix? I’m the only maker in a small business that basically runs on Coda and I’m having confused and upset colleagues chat me up about this every 10 minutes :joy:, with many of our workflows on hold until it’s fixed.

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the delay in acknowledgement from the Coda team today. I’ve flagged to our engineering team to take a look first thing when they’re online US time tomorrow morning.

We do our best to monitor this channel, and our amazing new Community Manager Steph can route these types of requests more expediently now that she’s onboarded to our squad!

If you ever need to escalate a bug report that has gone unacknowledged in the community, please don’t hesitate to let us know via our support queue, which is staffed during US Business Hours at support@coda.io.


Update: I was actually able to track down a work log that confirms the team is aware and working on a fix for this. I’m optimistic this should be resolved in < 24 hours. Will share updates as they’re avialable!


That’s great news, thanks very much for the update @Andrew_Stinger :slight_smile:

Thank you for the update.

Hi folks, following up here: the fix should be out now! As a reminder you will need to refresh your docs for the update to apply :+1:


I just checked my docs and It work :grin: