Autocomplete & Arrow Keys


I discovered an interesting bug recently. Though Coda will helpfully suggest an autocompleted text while you type (above or below!), I am unable to use the keyboard to select an option. I’ve tried up, down, and the tab, and none of them highlight or select an option. It works as expected in the below configuration, though!

Screenshot of the “above” configuration (my cursor has highlighted here, unfortunately):

Any ideas how this is happening?


I’m not able to replicate the bug, mind sharing the complete table? I can only get the autocompleted text to show up when my table is near the bottom of the page, otherwise the text shows up “below.” I’m able to select the autocompleted text using up/down here:


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@Al_Chen good catch. I see now that I’m able to get to the top of the list with my down arrow. This behavior is the same when the suggestions are above the input as well as below. The more natural reaction for me is to use the up arrow to get to the bottom of the list in this configuration.

Once highlighted, I can use the arrow keys normally. But the entry to that is either using my cursor (in which case why bother with arrow keys?) or pressing the wrong direction to get to the furthest spot from my cursor.


@chris_homburger Gotcha I understand what you’re saying. I’m accustomed to starting with the down arrow when accessing a drop-down or autocomplete list, but in this case being able to use the up arrow makes sense if the list is “above.” I suppose the fix would be to fire a js event on which direction the autocomplete list is appearing and having that control whether the up or down arrow key should be used to access the list.

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Hi @Al_Chen, when you start typing, we highlight the first item in the list to indicate that we’ll autocomplete to that item if you press enter or tab.We always preselect the first item regardless of whether the menu shows above or below the cell, so that the most relevant suggestion is selected. Up & down are then relative to that pre-selected item.

Does this match what you see? If so, would be helpful to better understand which part doesn’t match your expectation. Thanks!


@nathan What you described works for a column that is a Select List format, but not a Text format as shown below:



Thanks @Al_Chen - missed that detail. Just filed a bug for this in our system.

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