How to get next field to move up when I arrow down?

When I look at Coda docs, I am often using down arrow to move down to next row…but often the next row down does not move up, so I cannot see it unless I also use the mouse to scroll down to the next row too. Is there a way to get the table to consistently scroll up when I arrow down?
Many thanks, Gregg

In case it’s helpful to others, I found a workaround for this: I noticed that when a row was as tall as my Coda window, then hitting the down arrow would always both go to the next row but also bring it to the top of my screen so I could view it. To ensure that would happen with every row, I made a new text column, and using “Compose” I made a very tall column by adding line breaks with the “Enter” key. Viola…every time I arrow down to the next row, the top of the row moves up to near the top of my screen.

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