Unable to search across subtables, how to architect?

I’m not used subtables much yet although I get tables and linked references. And I’ve run into @References before but I’m not as familiar enough with them to know if they’re a solution for me.

I want to

  1. Search for ingredients and display all matching recipes using that ingredient.
  2. Easily add ingredients to a shopping list when looking at the recipe (That’s flipping a toggle on the ingredient table.)

I know how to do both of these but not with the same solution. And when something is in a canvas the regular table search doesn’t seem to search within it…

If i use subtables on in my recipe card - I can easily use a button to modify the ingredient table to mark it needed. (yay) - but then I haven’t found a way to search for an ingredient and get back a recipe.

Related Tables
When I used a direct Recipe to Ingredient reference then I need to duplicate the ingredient list to show the amounts needed for THIS recipe - and I’m not sure how to modify the row to get it to add to the list. But the searching works perfectly.
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I thought maybe this would do both, but actually it means I don’t know how to search OR add buttons to add to my list. But I feel this is a powerful tool I don’t yet get.
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Apologies not sure how to embed Coda docs yet. But here’s the bare minimum I’ve architected

  • Table 1 Recipes - RecipeName, Amount, IngredientsName, Button: Toggles “Needed?” to true
  • Table 2 Ingredients - IngredientName, Needed?, Location, Last Purchased
    My shopping list is just a view of the ingredients table that only shows items where “Needed?” is True.

I’ll admit i have many many more plans for this for meal planning and all kinds of things, but I figured I should start with the basics.

Hey Rae! Nice job so far! It would definitely be helpful to see your doc just to make sure we’re understanding your setup correctly. You can post a link to your doc here so we can take a look, or feel free to write into support at support@coda.io :smiley:

@Nicole_Macdonald - Ah no worries!

I ended up going back to the direct relation between the ingredients and the recipe tables since it does the majority of what I needed plus didn’t end up creating more and more subtables with each recipe. I’m sure I’ll have some more questions as I continue to build the document out, but for now I’ve given up the idea of using subtables.


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