Undo of change to formula type does not revert values

Let’s say you have a simple table:


Select a cell then:

  • Hit the F2 key
  • Backspace over existing text
  • Type in =3*4

All the cells display 12, as expected, and the column type is now formula:

Now hit ctrl-z to undo:


The column type is restored to number but the values are not reverted.

Seems like a bug?

Hi Eduardo, several of us tried to replicate this issue on our end (on both Mac and Windows). But we are not able to reproduce it.


Can you please see if this issue also happens on another blank doc? If so, could you share that doc with us at support@coda.io?


Hey @Angad!

Here’s a gif demonstrating the issue:

And a link to the doc where the issue occurs:


Let me know if you need anymore info!



If I create a new table and populate it with data manually, the issue doesn’t occur.

However (as shown in the gif above) if I copy the elements from another table into a new table, the issue occurs there.