Launched: Undo Section Addition & Deletion

Sometimes we all wish we had a little bit of a bigger safety net, which is why today we’re making it possible to undo deletion or addition of a section in Coda (and to redo deletion if you really want to get rid of it!).

Now, when you delete a section or add a section, you can use the undo and redo delete buttons in the top menu to reverse the action.

Standard keyboard shortcuts for undo/redo will also work for this action, too.

  • On a PC: Ctrl + Z for Undo; Ctrl + Shift + Z for Redo
  • On a Mac: Command + Z for Undo; Command + Shift + Z for Redo

We hope this helps you make, organize and manage your docs with even more confidence!

ー Adam


This is awesome. Thanks!

Here’s something which currently appears to not be revertable via undo:

Consider allowing undo to work in that case as well. :slight_smile:

Hey Eduardo, thanks for surfacing this. Will respond on the thread.