Undo forces me out of current section

Hello team

I’ve encountered a bug (feature?) where if I “undo” an action done by a button inside a column, it will forcefully move me into the section where the original table is stored. This is very distracting, because I continually have to move back and forth.

You can try it in this doc here. I’ve added instructions to recreate the problem I’m facing.

Just a note, this doesn’t happen with non-button actions. That is, if you manually type on the second column and then press “undo”, you will still stay in the same section (like it should).


Agree this is non-intuitive behavior and quite disruptive to workflow.

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100% agree. Here’s a video of it happening to us. Very disorienting.

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As an additional note, found that this also happens when undoing a change made to a column formula

Also annoying if the manipulated table is in a hidden section that you would prefer remains hidden from the user ( I know hide is not a permissions feature, but I still don’t want to give the users any unnecessary information easily )

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Was hoping to know if there’s any update from the Codans regarding this.

Locking and permissions allow me to restrict users to only click buttons in some sections. Therefore, I created a lot of sections where I’ve created buttons to do specific actions. This is more user friendly and less error-prone. However, if the user undos a button press, they’re immediately “moved” to the section where the table is being sourced from. Even if the section is hidden, it’ll appear on the sidebar. A workaround I use is: I filter the source table so that no columns and rows are shown, and then I lock that view.

Still, users get disoriented after every undo (which is quite frequent), and if they ask me why it happens, I’ll just have to shrug and tell them to deal with it for now

Hope there’s a quick fix for this, or is on the list of squashed bugs in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow up here @Adnan_Ahmed!

I have reported this in our tracker, so it will be seen by our devs. I don’t have an ETA on a fix, but it’s noted.

Thank you for the use-case and mention of why it’s a point of frustration.

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This bug has been fixed. It may take a day or two before it hits servers. You can refresh your doc and check to see if it’s live yet. Again, might be 24 to 48 hours for the update to hit.

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