Update date from Cross-Doc table to original table


I have different Docs and I want to merged specific tables from those docs to “1 Index Doc”.

I’ve just copied one table to my “Index Doc” but I realize I can’t update values, for example a Checkbox Column because it says “Values in this column are calculated by a formula and can’t be directly changed”. But in the original table it is just a manual check box column.

I think I do not understand properly how Cross Docs works and I want to know if there is a better approach to my problem.

What do you suggest?


Check out the Cross-doc page and FAQs here: https://help.coda.io/en/articles/3416442-cross-doc

And I agree…the way they work doesn’t make sense. A cross doc is not useful for anything except “viewing” data from another table.
Coming from Notion I was really surprised that I can’t access and use Tables from other Docs?!? Makes abso no sense and renders Coda much less useful for managing Teams and Projects.

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Hi @Cristian_Reynaga,

Cross-doc creates a new table in the new doc and syncs the information over. We do have Cross-doc Actions in our Team Plan that allows you to take actions on the original table from this new table through a button if that is what you’re needing to do.

One of the reasons for building our first version of cross-doc this way is permissions. If we completely open things up, then people may be able to access things in the original doc through writing formulas. The way Cross-doc is now, only the information you have displayed in the table or view you synced from is available.

We do have requests for 2-way sync and that is discussed, it’s just not on the front burner yet.


Thank you so much, I hope 2-way sync comes to life anytime soon.


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I am so glad this feature has come to life. I have started using this feature, but am having an issue. When I cross-doc a row into my original doc, it recognizes all my lookup values except the date. Any thoughts here? Thank you!