Use of Coda Across Multiple Companies


Not sure where to direct this. Jump in.

I have Talent Acquisition Analytics class, which includes people from multiple companies. The members of the class don’t operate out of the same environment. I want to create a mini application that is useful to support a particular approach to people analytics experiment project management that I am proposing - it is lean and agile, influenced by lean startup concepts. There won’t be any sensitive or high volume data in there - of the nature I normally have. This is more of a project management tool. I probably will use the kanban feature. I will design and set it up for them, but I would like to have the members of the class be able to log in and only see their own stuff. I would create some related tools like a Business Model Canvas or Experiment worksheets.

First, is this concept possible? Am I really out of the boundaries here?

The first theory is that I could use my peopleanalyst google business account, create email addresses for them (pay whatever google’s per user fee is) and create a coda environment for anyone with a peopleanalyst email. Manage as I would if we were in one company. Maybe I am over-engineering it?

The second theory is that it doesn’t matter - I would invite them to Coda, and they will get an account set up, and I will invite them to a document or documents.

The third theory is that I would work with the Coda team to bend the universe to fit what I am trying to do here - imagine I want to kind of early productize around some things I create in Coda.

There is a lot more for me to re-learn or learn, but maybe we can start there.

(I hope this hasn’t been covered already)

Be well, Mike