Use Relation list in formula

Hello all! I’m using Coda from 2 days and I’m trying to make a Medicines tracker (tried this in Notion, but 80% of the stuff I wanted to were impossible that’s why I migrated to Coda).
Below you can see a dummy date of what I have.
I need to make a calculation inside Page All Med for column called Left Pills
It should take the Sum of Table Daily Log New Column Dose Where Daily Log New.Name = MedicinesNew.MedName

From what I understand the issue is because Daily Log New .MedName is a relation list and it cannot compare. If I change Daily Log New .MedName type to text it’s working with this formula
[Daily Log New].Filter(CurrentValue.MedName = thisRow.MedName).Dose.Sum()
How to make it work without changing the type to Text?

I think you have edit access to the Doc.

Thanks in advance for the help

I found a solution
Here is the formula I used
[Daily Log New].Filter(ToText(CurrentValue.MedName).ContainsText(thisRow.MedName)).Dose.Sum()

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