Use switch if to increase value of cell

Is there a way to increment the value of a cell by one using ‘switch if’? I’m trying to make a table that automatically assigns a score to each row depending on multiple factors across columns. Here are the specifics:

  • The purpose of the table is to track the value of SEO keywords based on multiple factors (inspired by Ubersuggest’s ranking system)
  • Each keyword gets its own row
  • The fields for each column are: keyword, search volume, cost per click, paid difficulty, SEO difficulty usage, notes, and score

Every time a value of ‘true’ is returned on one of the following conditions, I want to add 1 to the value of that row’s ‘score’:

  • thisRow.SEO Difficulty < 40
  • thisRow.Paid Difficulty < 40
  • thisRow.Cost per Click > 0
  • thisRow.Cost per Click > 5
  • thisRow.Search Volume > 10
  • thisRow.Search Volume > 50
  • thisRow.Search Volume > 100
  • thisRow.SEO Difficulty < 40 && Cost per Click > 5

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi Shaina,

Switchif() is not going to work in this situation - it stops executing when it gets to the first expression that results in true.

I would suggest to use runActions() to evaluate each of those expression in series. If the If() expression is true, add one to a column that you use as a counter.

See the last example on the page below:



Thank you for your reply! That makes sense. Is there any way to accomplish this without requiring a button for each row?

Yes! I would recommend the non-button route

What you should likely do is create a list of true/false values, then filter that list to find values that are TRUE, then count your new list


  • List(thisRow.status = Done, thisRow.amount>40, = today()).filter(currentValue=true).count()

That should essentially return a count of the true values within your list, aka assigning one point per true value

Simply input all your statements into the List() formula rather than my fake ones


Very clever idea!

I was stuck on getting it done using runaction(), which forces me into a button.

Brilliant! That worked perfectly. Thank you!

Hello @Shaina_Nacion ,

I don’t know how your information is collected and how it finds its way into your document (or table), but there is an alternative very easy solution:

The formula in “score” is very simple:
thisRow.[SEO Difficulty <40]+thisRow.[Paid Difficulty <40]+thisRow.[Cost per Click >0]+thisRow.[Cost per Click > 5]

This is probably not how I would organize my data, but with the limited knowledge of your project this might work for you.
Greetings, Joost


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