Using AI to search Coda workspace

So doesn’t search the actual workspace that I’m working in? Just searches the internet? This seems like a bad design. Seems like having an AI that you can ask questions to about the information within your workspace would be much more helpful. Is there a plan to change this so the workspace info is searchable via AI?

Hi Brian,

The choices are available to be made:

However, generative AI is eager to please, so it helps to also point out in your instructions that it should restrict itself to the doc. I have found from time to time, that if the doc does not contain any info about the question asked, AI will provide info from its own knowledge base.

In general most AI’s will NOT use localised and/or recent information in their response. They have a cut-off date after which they are no longer updated. If they do include your data, they generally then also use your information to train themselves.

The Coda implementation is the only one that I am aware of that will allow you to interrogate your own, current information, and will NOT use that info to train itself. Therefor, your trade secrets remains yours.

Hope that helps.

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