Using Gmail pack with Confluence

Has anyone tried to embed a view only Coda doc into confluence and then also used the gmail pack to send emails? Basically I am trying to give my co-workers a way to use Confluence to filter a table down (which that works fine) and then email the results to themselves. I wanted to avoid each co worker having to go into Coda and set up email privileges.

I set it up with my email account but when they try to send an email, it gives the following error:

Any ideas?

Hey Catherine!

Just reposting my private answer to you here so others can know too.

Unfortunately, we don’t quite support this use case right now. Your teammates are able to interact with the embed, but that mode explicitly doesn’t connote write access. So they can make modifications to the doc within the embed but those edits aren’t saved and they’re they’re not allowed to do anything that would have an effect on the outside world- i.e. sending an email. To send an email from the doc, they’ll have to have write access to the doc and open it in Coda. That said, they won’t have to sign up with their own emails as long as you connect your own Gmail account as a shared account.

As always, love to hear what you’re trying to do, and hope we can support it better in the future!


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