Using percentages in a formula


My wife has started an online clothing business. As of right now I would like to help her by tracking the customer data and the amount spent in a coda table.

Sometimes customers use discounts. To track this I have added a column that allows to pick a certain percentage (this is a lookup column pulling from a table with percentages).

The final column calculates the price of the product and the discounts used (if any).
It doesn’t want to use the percentages though.

As long as I just make a select list or a lookup that uses ) 010, 0.20, … there is no problem. But it looks way cleaner when using actual percentages.

Does anybody know a workaround for this?


Hi Maarten, could you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing and what you want to see?

Hi @Simply_Maarten,
As @Connor_McCormick suggests, having a sample always simplifies the comprehension of the issue.

My first guess is that - being a lookup - maybe you’re not referring to the member value (column) holding the actual percentage.

Have a look at this:

And let me know if this helps.




Next time I will add a screenshot to make things easier and more clear. Thanks for asking.

@Federico_Stefanato you were right. That was the issue. Thanks a lot. Lesson learned hehe.

Have a great day!

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