UTM-Tag Generator/Manager Template

I made this doc to set up and manage urls and tracking parameters for clients. I just started using it but it seems to be pretty handy so I made this template out of it:

UTM-Tag Generator Template

You can:

  • Generate URLs with UTM-Tags for tracking purposes
  • Save default values for faster and uniform usage
  • Save combinations as presets
  • View your link history and clone links
  • Edit the parameters to use for different analytics tools

If you have suggestions for improvement or find an error, let me know :slight_smile:

If you wonder why I added “Generate” Button instead of directly showing the result with a formula:
A direct result wouldn’t be formatted as “text”, but as formula, making it veeery hard to copy the result link to the clipboard. So the only way was to implement the Button and modify the result column. Unfortunately, it will be automatically formatted as link – even with “totext”…


Wait, you already have access to automation??