Very First Doc for external use : Critical eyes required ;)

Hi Folks !

After a loooong time creating lot of stuff for personnal use, I finally made my very first document that aims to be shared, and may be the first stone of a personnalized and profitable doc to work with business companies.

Then, I solicit your expert eyes to give me some reactions about this. Please do not hesitate to be rough if necessary. To be noted that I have the “large width column” beta features, which is iiiincredible, so may be the display is not as great as in my account. Need to work on this probably.

This is a document about document review process management, basically in engineering and construction process to validate calculations, drawings, and so on before starting the building phase… but can be extend to any review process

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Quentin, thanks for sharing. How did you make the grey borders around these elements? I guess the dashboard contains a table perhaps, instead of using the newer layouts?

Hi Ed !
it’s just the codeblock configuration of image

It looks better in light mode, even if this is not so bad in dark also


Just to give some look to the page (idea stolen from @Scott_Collier-Weir, give back to cesar what belongs to him :grinning:)


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