Very Large Fonts

As per this request by @Glenn_Robb I’m after basically the same thing: formulas which have very large fonts. This would be for statistics which catch the eye but which are dynamic e.g. on a dashboard. I’d also prefer it if we didn’t have to tangle with a Details view to add them.

I did try the solution @Paul_Danyliuk posted there but can’t see the H0 Lite option for text available anymore and assume it’s been deprecated.



ive used 2 methods in the past to get very large (and colored) text to render in coda.

the first is to use the LaTex pack and then use latex notation to set the font size and color.

the second is to use SVG graphics to define the font size and color.

i believe a third way is to render HTML text directly but that is way more complex… i will look into it

i will share examples of each when i get back to my office this evening.


Aw thanks @Xyzor_Max!

I’ll have a look at the svg form today and report back with what I get using that. Appreciate the reponse

@Xyzor_Max I used @Paul_Danyliuk 's amazing thread on svg’s and the mind map stuff to create SVG representations of the large, bold font statistics that I want: I’ve set out a table like Paul’s to create a data URI from the svg, and I can use the Data URI formula to dynamically change the value of the text - so use the same treatment to get all the different images. Easy enough but…

  1. Since I can’t put formulas in cells, only in columns, how do I dynamically change the valve of the first cell which contains my statistic (so each row results in a different image)? Do I really need to have a new table for every stat?

  2. How do I embed my generated image into the body of a doc? Seems like there’s only an option to add images there rather than image url types. Embed doesn’t seems to work and nor does link :frowning:

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well done - sound like you have learned much - just a little ways to go

i will take a look into this tomorrow morning
can you share your document (or the subset that we can look at)
then we will have a better idea how to help


Hey @Xyzor_Max, thanks for the reply. I’m not sure how to share a subset of the doc without the private info in. There’s a bunch of customer info in there with prices etc. right now.

Here’s what I have right now, which pretty does what I’m after with limitations. It’s a card viewing a single column / field of a single row table which is computing the stat:

Back of house I have a page calculating all the stats so I can just drop views elsewhere as needed:

  1. Either multiple rows with static stats just a numbers (no calculation) or a single row with one computed statistic for conversion
  2. svg direct from inkscape - I’ll need to learn how to trim this down as it’s needlessly large
  3. @Paul_Danyliuk 's data URI conversion
  4. an svg image of the statistic as required.

What I’d love to do is:

  1. Have multiple rows here, each with a different statistic in - computed live, rather than have a new table for each one.

  2. Have some other method other than cards, to drop the image on the front page e.g. just a /image which I can then easily resize. Cards are OK but you can’t drag them to size like you can an image.

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