Very Large Text size in Formulas

I’m two months in. Trying to rapidly learn a lot of things here in Coda. I’ve really benefited from all the help here in this community. Thank you. However, I’m really hung up on this one concept. Can I create a table that looks something like this?

I really don’t care about the third row, but I want to use really large text to look at data results similar to other dashboard views that show results to catch your attention.
I’ve been looking all through this forum for examples that might be similar. I just haven’t seen anyone conquer this yet. Maybe I’m wrong about that, typically I am about most things. Thank you in advance! -Glenn

You can create a Detail view and adjust some fields to have H0 Lite text size:


Yes, this is what I was looking for!

I went to work on my table using your help and came up with this. I still have a few challenges. I would like to lose the scroll at the bottom (not a deal breaker) highlighted in yellow. And then I need to figure out the formula (blue lines) to populate the additional table that I had to create. Changing the detailed view on my existing table was cumbersome so I created another table.

Thank you!

You cannot get rid of the navigation at the moment.

Regarding blue line formulas, those would be referencing values in specific rows:

@Personal Car.Total
@Rental Car.Total

but you have to type the @ and then the name of the row yourself.

Although generally speaking I’d say that you might be using that table incorrectly. 2020 and 2021 normally should not be columns, unless you specifically needed them like that.

Has the option for H0 Lite text been removed. Am trying to follow the directions here but can’t see options for H0 Lite :frowning:

Hey Nathan! I saw you also shared H0 lite feedback in the suggestion box. Thank you for sharing there as well! Our team loves to hear how to improve Coda from the big to little details.

H0 lite is no longer an option, but you can always edit the text colors manually or with conditional formatting.