View all rows assigned to me, across all Docs

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Is there some type of master view, where I can see all rows assigned to me across all docs?


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Dear @Keith_Galloway,

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Please checkout this post:

Additional I recommend to check out the latest comments/experiences by some of the most active users :golf:

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Hi @Keith_Galloway,

You can filter rows in within a doc like @Jean_Pierre_Traets mentioned, but there is no global view of all rows within all docs. Getting started with Coda, I could see this being beneficial, but after having used it for a while, I think this would be overwhelming, at least for the docs that I’ve been a part of.

We did update our comments notifications, which may help as far as notifications of new comments goes…

@Jean_Pierre_Traets, but let’s say we have a range of table that have “work” that you’d like to see one view of all of the stuff in these tables assigned to yourself, a typical dashboard. That is not possible, correct? You can only set up a view of one table at a time, so unless all the tasks you are trying to see are in the same table, then you can’t do this?

I acknowledge that everything assigned across all docs is a bit much. But if I have in separate tables things like “tasks,” “projects” projects I’m responsible for, “research work” that is different than the specific “tasks” so it resides in another table, and perhaps others, can I set up a view of all of those that I’m assigned to?

Thanks for the clarification here!

Dear @ABp,

Of course in the same doc its possible, I would recommend the following scenario:

Create a section ( your “dashboard”) where you collect views of the tables you are interested in.
At these tables you set the filter to current user and “voila” ( here you are)

@Jean_Pierre_Traets Always terrific to hear from you!

At times I think I’m more of a novice despite all the time I’ve spent, but is what you’re explaining basically the need to set up a separate Table View in the Section for a Dashboard you suggest, for each table where the rows assigned reside?

So if there are 6 tables in a doc - let’s assume a more built-out Doc and that’s why I’m talking about an example with that many tables - where you have assigned rows, you’d need to add 6 separate views into the Section? Then, sort each via a control for only stuff assigned to you?

The resulting “Dashboard” section would indeed have all assigned items. However, this is a good example, I think, of something I’d consider a workaround of sorts to get what a lot of users who are used to Team Work Management Apps in a “show my work” style dashboard. I’m guessing @Keith_Galloway was probably thinking about with this post in the first place.

I am eager to find out if the Coda Product Team has any thoughts on some “Global” type solutions that could solve this. You can already @mention anything in a Coda doc, so that’s one way that there is functionality not tied to just one table. Another I’ve talked about is the ability to have lookups that link to any row, not just limited to another table. @Federico_Stefanato and I have discussed Polymorphic solutions, but in turn I heard from Coda support that this is not recommended.

Thanks Jean and hope you are safe!