View/download pdf error with google chrome

View and download pdf error with google chrome

I don’t get it because my parametre of google allow downloading files and pdf.

Pls some help

Does it work in another browser?

Yes it’s working, so do and it was working before, do you know what’s happens ?

With any browser i haven’t access to my dowload files. This is on mirosoft edge :

Dear @Audrey_Bonato,

Most browser basic settings are that the files goes to the download folder. You can reach that with “CTRL + J” - or with your file explorer to go to the downloads folder.

If it’s not there, you can check in the settings of your browser where the to be downloaded files will be placed and accordingly go there from your file management system.

Sometimes it’s a good idea, especially when facing strange browser behavior to clean the history and cache in it’s settings and then to restart

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