Visibility of embedded Figma files

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I’ve been trying to embed some private Figma designs within Coda using the Figma Pack and this guide, but unfortunately it seems that the embedded designs remain invisible to viewers without their own Figma account. Instead of the designs, they are presented with a ‘Log in to Figma to view this file’ message.

I’ve successfully connected the Figma Pack with my Figma account, with which I have edit-rights to all files that I’m trying to embed. Upon adding the Figma Pack to my Coda doc, I granted Coda access to my Figma account, indicating that my Figma data may be viewed by ‘You and anyone this doc is shared with’, while setting the ‘Taking actions’ permissions to ‘Nobody’. Within Figma, sharing permissions are set to ‘visible to everyone at my organisation with the link’. I would expect that - through these settings - my Figma account functions as a proxy that allows anyone viewing my Coda doc to also view the embedded Figma files, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work. Changing the Figma sharing settings to ‘anyone with the link can view’ resolves this issue, but is undesirable as we want to be in control over who can view our Figma files.

Am I missing something? Any help to get my Figma embeds to show up to anyone viewing the Coda doc would be highly appreciated.

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Hey @Jasper_Scheffel! This is expected behavior, and it’s determined by how Figma determines how files can be embedded. You can read more about that here:

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