Figma Image formula not showing the latest image from Figma

Hi Folks,

We are using the Figma pack with Coda Figma Pack, extend Coda with Figma - Coda and using the Image formula defined in the pack. This works great for presenting the design to the rest of the team as we can give context on the user flow and embed these images straight from Figma. The images are of high quality as well.

However, we have noticed our latest changes in Figma aren’t reflecting in Coda. We currently need to manually go and delete the reference to the image and create a new reference to the frameUrl. This seems extremely unnecessary as the frameURL hasn’t changed at all. We are expecting the latest image to show up in Coda.

Is anyone else facing this problem?

Is there a way to get the latest image from Figma into Coda?


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