Vote for your favorite Pack in the Coda Packathon!

To celebrate the launch of the Pack Studio, we announced the first-ever Coda Packathon back in June. And now the Packs are in. Now we’re asking you to cast your vote for who will take home the Packathon’s community choice award—and $1,000 cash.

Here’s how to vote for your favorite Pack:

  1. Explore the submissions.
  2. Click the :+1:t2: button on your favorites by this Wednesday, August 17th.
  3. And we’ll announce the winner at the end of August.

Who’d you vote for? Let us know in the comments—and don’t forget to tag the maker!


August 17th which hour? :slight_smile:

Who’d I vote for? Hmm, other than my own Edit Images Pack I voted for Mapbox, JS Charts, Mailchimp, and a couple more that I thought were cute :slight_smile:

OMG only one day left!

Jerome wants to win and has the Stripe Printer at full steam ahead :joy::joy::joy:

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Voting closes tomorrow at 5PM ET.

  • The Edit Images Pack (by @Paul_Danyliuk )
  • The Mailchimp Pack (by @Daniel_Stieber )
  • JS Flowchart
  • Mapbox Pack
  • Coda Map Integration
  • TableExporter Pack
  • TimeUtils

Sorry for not tagging everybody but I’m not sure who is who on the Community :innocent: … And whatever the outcome is, I just want to congratulate (in advance) every Maker who submitted a pack for their hard inspiring work :raised_hands: !!!


And the Community Choice winner is… Edit Images Pack by @Paul_Danyliuk! Congrats Paul, and thanks to everyone that participated and voted. You can see the full list of Packathon winners here:

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