What Coda Formula I can Use to Forecast These Data from 2021, 2022 and YTD 2023?

Hi guys,

Is there any Coda Formula I can use to forecast the possible Q4 2023 Total Leads, Active Discussion, Converted Events and Event Total based on these 2021, 2022, and YTD 2023 data?

Any suggestions on how to do it is welcome!

Thank you :pray:

Formulas aside, letโ€™s look at just the math first.

I think what makes a good projection differs by business - can you explain how you would want to do it mathematically, in broad terms?

For example, Q3โ€™23/Q3โ€™22 * Q4โ€™22 (i.e., scale last yearโ€™s Q4 in proportion to the Q3 YoY performance)?

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