WhatsApp Api beta testing

I finally got to access WhatsApp Api beta and I’m going to try to write a pack. Maybe someday something will come out.
The thing is I got stuck testing the webhook.
I have tested it on https://reqbin.com/ and it worked just fine. It doesn’t work at all on Facebook developer’s page.
I keep getting this message bellow:

The requirements for setting a Webhook on Facebook:


To deploy a live webhook that can receive webhook events from the Messenger Platform, your code must be hosted on a public HTTPS server that meets the following requirements:

  • HTTPS support, Self-signed certificates are not supported
  • A valid SSL certificate
  • An open port that accepts GET and POST requests

My question is: Does Coda’s webhooks fulfill de requirements?

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Coda’s webhook endpoint currently only supports POST requests, so that may be the issue you are running into.

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