Whatsapp API Beta

Whatsapp is opening up its API to developers. Before it was only possible to access it through third party. It was expensive and difficult to get the seal of approval .
Maybe now we can have a Whatsapp Pack. It would be game changing.


Totally support this. In South Africa we use Whatsapp so much and this would really help!

What are the main use cases you would have? Something like the Slack pack is aimed very much at team communication (e.g. notifications for other users of the doc). Do you tend to see Whatsapp being used in the same way? Is it used by a business for communicating with customers (and therefore maybe you want some CRM functionality)? Some different use cases?

I wouldn’t use it for team communication.
I think Whatsapp is the best tool to get in touch with customers.
Regular people don’t access their email often nowadays and Whatsapp is so ubiquitous that it would be a great tool for my business.
I believe a basic capability of sending and receiving message would be good enough.