Whatsapp Integration

HI All,

Is there any news about a Whatsapp integration pack? I have a potentia Coda customer who runs community information gathering projects. The rural people doing the info collections uses Whatsapp to report it for cost reasons.

Alternatively, how much would it cost (phone data consumption) to rather give the people a Coda form to fill in?

Thank you very much
Rambling Pete

I distribute my form-links often through WhatsApp: downloading a form and uploading the reply takes hardly any data. I could not see any data usage on my android phone - before and after this action it was still at 47,15MB anything Coda related. And the advantage is you don’t need a pack to get your data real time into Coda.


There currently isn’t a WhatsApp Pack in the gallery. They don’t seem to offer a general-purpose API for accessing WhatsApp conversations, so I don’t think it’s possible to build such a Pack either.

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They have a beta program for small business. My company received an invitation email but, unfortunately, I couldn’t get my application through.

There’s actually a way to access Whatsapp API through a third party.
We would need an “enhanced” Twilio pack for that. The official one is only for SMS
The downside is the price. Too expensive for me.