Which folder files are in on Google Drive

I have the Google Drive pack installed on my doc and all of my files are showing up in the Google Drive table on Coda, but I want to be able to sort rows (files) in the table based on which folder those files are in on Google Drive. Is there any way to extract that information from what is being pulled in?

The Dropbox integration has a column for “Path”, which is exactly what I’m looking for. I just don’t want to use Dropbox.

Dear @Joel_Baerg,

To be honest, I never used this Gdrive pack
A good point, strange that this option is not included “out of the box” and for Dropbox available.

The only option, but far from ideal is to sync tables separate by selecting folder in the options to export each in a separate table:

Dear @BenLee, would you mind to check this out with the responsible engineer?