Create Google Drive folders from Coda!

We’ve just added a new formula to our Export to Google Workspace pack that lets you create a folder in your Google Drive from a button in Coda!

Check out the demo video below to see how it works :clapper::point_down:


Visit our pack documentation to find out more.

Thanks for the suggestion @Marc_Fitt!


@Courtney_Milligan1 Very awesome!
I literally was just like I need to build this, and then there you did it.

Question: Is there a way to get a results output of the newly created Google Drive folder URL?

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Hey @Daniel_Degheri! Glad to hear you are looking forward to this feature.

The only way to get the results output is to put the button in a table column and link the output to another column in that table. I like to build ‘helper tables’ that handle this stuff and then make a simple button that pushes the button(s) in the helper table to put in the desired location.

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