Create folders on the mac


Is the API capable of creating folders on a mac without third party plugins?

Every time a new line is created, I want to automatically create a folder that matches a line’s special code.

I think I can sync the google drive folder and mac together so it’s just a matter of adding the folder to google drive?

If it’s possible, how can it be done?

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I think your best bet to get this working right now would be to write a Google Apps Script script that would read your lines from Coda (perhaps rows in a new table), and then use the createFolder function to create folders in Google Drive. You can have your script run periodically, and then the Google Drive desktop sync tool should recreate those folders on your Mac.

By the way, we actually do have a Google Drive Pack, but it’s currently limited in its functionality. If we added an ability to create/manage files with it, then you could write an automation in Coda that would create these folders whenever a new row is added or a button is pressed.

Thanks for replying.

Google Apps Script is a possibility but I was hoping to keep everything in Coda. The thought of using other tools such as Zapier, integromat etc horrifies me and I was hoping the Google Drive pack would at least sort one aspect out.

Please work on this.

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Got it, I understand. I’ll forward the request to team working on Packs but can’t promise on ETA, as this is very specific functionality and I haven’t seen other users request it.

Thank you.

I think it’s one of these you don’t know you need until it’s in place.

Picture this…

Working on your very own client system, as soon as a client is entered into your table, Coda automatically creates your system folders. Invoices, quotes, design previews etc can all be added with no manual work.

This kind of thing is very possible with other external tools, and it really isn’t that complicated
We have a system where when a new project is created, that triggers a zapier workflow, which ads a new project folder, and a bunch of pre-defined folders inside that project folder.
As an added bonus, coda then also detects that project folder on the next dropbox sync (happens once an hour). The link to that folder is then displayed in my project view - so I can go straight there (on the web) with one click. I messed around with some integrations with alfred to open the dropbox folder on the mac (finder) but found that for our use case, taking us to the web based browser was more than adequate, and didn’t require a bunch of changes to our network / firewall etc.