Why do changes apply automatically to published docs?

I’m curious why publish works such that changes you make to your doc apply automatically to the published page?

This seems like it would be a weird experience for those interacting with my page to see content that could be half-finished as I’m iterating on something on a given page at the same time.

I’d expect some sort of additional “re-publish” step to dictate when I want my changes to go live. Is this possible?


I guess you have to not work on pages in a published doc, but work on a copy in if different doc and take it over to the published doc when ready. For me, I am happy to see I don’t have to republish when I make changes and I have asked if it would be possible to live-update the pages viewers have open as I am typing new copy.
What you ask seems to be what a ‘conventional’ CMS does standard.