Will Notify() execute in play mode?

Will I get a message if a user clicks button with Notify(me) action on published doc in play mode?

Hi @Tomislav_Mamic :blush: !

After some tests, I’d say no …
Changes are not saved in play mode. So, the user will be able to push the button, but the action will not run.

Thanks! I wonder if it would be useful to enable this… For example, to test how many users click on a certain button in your doc.

No problem :wink: !

I don’t have anything specific in mind right now but I’m pretty sure this is something I wished I could do once in a while :blush:
But I guess, before having such a feature available, we would need a better control over the permissions than the one we current have :innocent:

You can use locking (team plan feature) and interact mode, then you can have buttons record whatever you need. Play mode by definition doesn’t change the doc at all.

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