RunActions() multiuser experience

RunActins() seems to disable button availability for non-editor users. Is it fixable and what am I doing wrong?

What do you mean by “non-editor” users?

those, who can only read the document

Yup - So those who can only read the document are specifically only have access to read-only meaning by intention and design they cannot press buttons or interact with the doc in any way.

Buttons can run some pretty complex actions that add, delete, or modify rows and parts of the document which, if a user is read-only, they should not be doing.

You can publish your doc in play mode and then anyone without a Coda account can interact with your doc, press buttons, make changes, etc but those changes will not persist or actually modify the doc itself.

If you want users to be logged in and access your doc that way but still interact with it you can use locking set to interact only

Does that help out?

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yeah, it did. thank you!)

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