With line breaks, multiple buttons stick directly on top of each other

If a line with multiple buttons is wrapped, you can see that there is no vertical space between the buttons. They are stuck directly on top of each other.
This does not look good. The buttons should have a certain (ideally adjustable) vertical distance between them.

As a workaround, you can apply H1/H2/H3 heading styling on the line with buttons. Those will give you the spacing.

Thanks for the suggestion! Even though this only has a minimal effect with buttons of size “Medium” or and H1, it is better than having the buttons directly stuck on top of each other. :+1:

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Just want to add, the trick does not work on mobile. Medium-sized buttons in a line stick to each other when the line breaks. With small buttons there is a very small gap (Experienced with Android App).

But as soon as the buttons are placed one below the other in paragraph format, the spacing is as desired, both on desktop and mobile: