Wordpress Pack, beta access available!

Hi Community,

We are looking for some more beta users for our new Wordpress Pack.

Register here

Wordpress is the most commonly used website platform. This pack is designed to quickly integrate the Wordpress and Coda platforms and give you the ability to sync and control data bi-directionally.

2. What you can do with this pack.

We’ve tried to pack this pack full of features and will continue to improve the functionality the more feedback and requests we get from our users.

Here is a list of the current features available right now. We will keep you posted for feature updates.


That’s amazing Andy, I don’t personally use Wordpress but I think the last 3 are super interesting :raised_hands:

Hi Andy,

This is exactly what I am looking for. Just signed up for the Beta. What happens next?


Finally a wordpress pack! Thanks for developing this. Yes WP is the most used CMS but for some reason there’s not yet WP pack.
Currently I use Coda as main database for my woocommerce website and have to link them using webhooks and Make.com service which is quite a nightmare process with a lot of trial and error and limitations. For example I found that for some reason, it is almost impossible to create 2-way sync scenario where changes in Coda would affect Woocommerce and changes in Woo will affect Coda back without these syncs create perpetual changes to infinity and eat up my tokens in Make…

So, if I may, please consider adding some sync commands to woocommerce products taxonomy. I’m no programmer and I can’t figure things out further to make this 2-way sync work between coda and woocommerce.

Hi Sathya, thanks for checking out our Pack. We have a woocommerce Pack availble for beta testing shortly if you would like to give it a whirl?

Sure! Would love to.

Hi @Andy_Be I am following the startup guide New User Accounts · Wordpress + Coda Starter Kit

However at Step 4B when I click on ‘Connect account’ I’m only asked for a name, not a name and password, and so the connection fails.

Instead of asking me to connect to Wordpress + Coda pack it’s asking me to connect to CrossDoc.

Is the pack still in Beta and is this why I’m getting the error?