Coda and WooCommerce

Hey community! I’ve been thinking about a connection between Coda and the Wordpress plugin “Woocomerce”

I’m actually using an integrator called n8n, but I’d like to know if anyone has a way to share/modify/view data from coda in wordpress.

What I’m trying to do is view in woocomerce a list of products that take the information from a coda table, this way i can keep them updated in case I make any change on my stock list so they automatically change in woocomerce.

Any ideas? let me know if there’s already someone who has done that! :slight_smile:

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Dear @SureKT,

I am not able to support you with your question, but you might want to upvote the pack as several others did:

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Hi SureKT,

are you still using Coda and Woocoomerece? I ended up with the very same problem and I wonder if n8n is still a solution to automatize updates between Coda and Woocommerce. My most important needed feature is to update stock.


I haven’t started using coda with woocomerce yet, but I will in a few weeks, I’ll let you know if I discover anything interesting