Workaround to update a .csv for Woocommerce and a spreadsheet for Facebook Catalog (almost) at the same time

Hi, i’m been using CODA for my online store for a while and I ended up using One Big Table to update (manually) my inventory (I don´t use any paid plugin for Woocommerce). Despite I have to update my stock manually, I think my workaround would be useful to be shared and maybe trigger better ideas.

The things I achieve with this doc are:

  1. A CODA One Big Table that updates Google Spreadsheets (thanks to Google Script) to create a .csv to import into Woocommerce and to update another Google Spreadsheet automatically updated thanks to Facebook Catalog schedule manager
  2. Create html short descriptions for each product automatically based on different columns of data and with some basic styling with html classes that Woocommerce use for my store next to the image product (and using regex to filter data based on the type of product, in my case artworks, books, electronic devices, etc)
  3. Create short descriptions for Facebook Catalog based on some data of different columns (like author, size, weight, year of creation )
  4. Automatically define if the product is shippable, taxable and some other categories (Tax status, Shipping status) based on some data of each product

First step is to update One Big Table in CODA. After this manual update I use a Google Script to update a spreadsheet to create a .csv file that later I will import into woocommerce.

After doing this I have to do the same to update my Facebook Catalog to show my products in Instagram, so this OBT also has columns that Facebook Catalog needs and based on the same data that Woocommerce needs but with different names. Within Facebook Catalog manager I have to create relations to make it compatible with columns names and field expected by this manager

Woocommerce descriptions

Categories table equivalent
I use this table to create equivalent categories (with different names) between Woocommerce and FB (FB uses Google categories)

Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 00-04-14 Inventario Tienda CODE

If any of you have better ideas or questions about this process please let me know. I’m getting used to this workaround and it takes 5 minutes to create new products and to be ready to update Woocommerce and FB Catalog but it depends on some clicks that maybe I can get rid off.

Thanks in advance.