Feature request: database field


I :sparkling_heart:Coda so much but I feel a bit frustrated today. I need to be able to store larger volumes of data to feed a lookup column.

I am currently trying a workaround to store the data in Google Sheets and use Zapier to fetch it but it is painfully slow because the Zapier integration does not seem instant.

I appreciate that because Coda is JSON based, it will be difficult to scale but I wonder whether there is the possibility of adding to a database elsewhere in the system and then creating a database field?



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“I need to store large volumes of data to feed a lookup column”

Can you be more specific and talk about your workflow. There might be some workarounds!

Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

We deal in pharmaceuticals and our product database is huge i.e. 30k rows. If I can solve this issue then I want to build an internal app in Coda for invoicing. Adding all the rows to the Coda doc would not be efficient as we don’t necessarily sell every single product in that list. However, it is very helpful to just be able to type and the select the product.

In addition, I wanted a way to keep the prices of products up to date so that my colleagues don’t have to go and look up the price.

I think that you are right that there are possible workarounds. Based on this thread that you kindly replied on, I think that the searching Google Sheets scenario is a great workaround.

It may be that there are other better workarounds so if anyone else has any ideas, do let me know. As it stands, I am thinking of using this scenario as an opportunity to learn JavaScript and create a Google Sheets pack. I think it would be a good next step in my personal development…



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hi @Shaheed_Fazal ,

I understand your feeling, 30K rows slows down Coda quite a bit, so indeed a link to a real database would be great. I noticed the google sheet option, which might help out. I thought of Google FireBase. Like you I feel that learning JS is a good step in our perso dev.
Cheers, Christiaan

Dear @Shaheed_Fazal,

I strongly recommend to look for the work of @Al_Chen_Coda. in this community, YouTube and Medium.
I know that he has a lot of experience with both Excel/Sheets and Coda and has build tools (I personally never used)

:bulb: Maybe you will find things you can benefit from

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:wave:I was just wondering whether there was any consideration given to this? I have used Google Sheets so far but it still adds an extra step. In addition, since I am using Google Sheets with make.com it is not the most scalable solution.

Coda devs, are you considering such a feature?

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