External Data in Coda

Hello, I’ve run into limits of coda with my data volume so searching for ways to extend coda’s storage while not eliminating the utility of having the data in coda tables.

Does anyone know of a way to say “link” a google sheet or other data source to a coda doc so I could store the data outside of coda but still use the data in coda just like regular data held inside coda tables directly?

Dear @Dan_McDermott,

I don’t know the background why you conclude that you are at the limits of Coda.
I recommend to contact support@coda.io and or @Angad as they most probally will be able to assist/advice.

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Hello, Coda support staff and an engineer told me that my docs won’t work anymore as I had too many records, which they say is 10K limit but I had 30K without any issues but then wanted to break up my document into 3 smaller ones but when I did that i.e. clone then tried to delete the stuff I didn’t need from each they all crashed and engineers say it’s toast and for me to move on. I have already scoured market and not finding much else like this that meets requirements so grasping at straws here trying to see if anyone has any outside the box ideas of how I can store my larger volumes of data outside of coda while still using it functionally inside of Coda. Any help is appreciated!

Hey Dan,

If I understand your problem correctly, you can achieve this via one way syncs between your docs (as well as between your docs and Google Sheets) using Google Apps Script.

Here’s the blog post:

And here’s the video tutorial:

Hope this helps.

@Dan_McDermott That is scary to lose your data :grimacing: I am working on a pretty big project as well, but still designing the base and views before i populate the base with several thousand entries. I love coda’s layout and structure, but would be absolutely screwed if i lost my data like you did. I really hope they come up with a solution, especially when they offer a paid version. I really need to be able to trust my data is secure! Thank you for bringing this up, I will have to do more research.