Wordpress plugin/function to connect to Coda?

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

being stuck with epic proportions of coding-incompetence, I was wondering if anyone of you already wrote a Wordpress function or plugin securely connecting to the Coda API for using and caching json data? And would like to share it with me? :slight_smile:

And dear coda-team: great job! It totally rocks.

Greetings from Hamburg/ger


+1 Wordpress plugin will make this a rocket app!

Hi @Ben_Adam, what are you hoping the Wordpress plugin with Coda could do? Would you want to be able to read data from the Coda doc into your website?

@Ronny_Pries Are you also looking to store json blobs into a Coda doc?

There are a lot of options in my mind, but basically to have some basic database two direction transfer options so we could have for example plugins that take the data from a coda table and use it to display content (This will actually enable clients to update there Wordpress site content without going to Wordpress admin for example), or maybe a coda table will pull it’s data from Wordpress posts, or users or so… I don’t have specific idea right now, but I’m sure that in the minute that some basic options will be enabled the forum and other forums will be loaded with ideas. I think this will be a door to a new world of doing things smarter and easier.

If you need some specific use case ideas I can try to write some down.

Gotcha thanks for the ideas. I’m a big fan of Wordpress and can see how using Coda tables as your “database” could be helpful here. I’ll look into doing something simple for now which is taking data from your Coda tables and displaying the content on your Wordpress site.

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Hi @Al_Chen_Coda, I’m starting to get into WP development so if you start it on github I’d be glad to weigh in.

@Daniel_Stieber’s PHP API might be a good start: https://github.com/danielstieber/CodaPHP

That would be a great start!

@Dalmo_Mendonca cool I’ll keep this thread updated as I get into this (I’m new to WP plugin development). I did a small test with @Daniel_Stieber’s PHP library and posted in the thread here: CodaPHP: A library to easily use Coda API.

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Quick update: @Mohamed_Hamad just created a Wordpress plugin specifically for Gravity Forms. I haven’t tested it out yet but it’s the first Wordpress plugin I’ve seen using @Daniel_Stieber’s CodaPHP library. Awesome contribution @Mohamed_Hamad :call_me_hand:


thanks @Al_Chen_Coda , hope to get some real world feedback to improve on it. i’m going to be testing it out on a few websites too.

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My next plugin is a Wordpress plugin to push basic content attributes to a Coda Table, when a post/page/post-type is saved/updated.
To start this would be a one-way push from Wordpress to Coda. My initial thought for this was to send data to Coda for SEO/tracking analysis with the Google Search Console pack.