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Hello, so I’m trying to structure a way for my team to be able to work inside of a document with data that I’m feeding in over API but not have them trip over each other while working throughout their shifts from different physical locations randomly. All they are doing is calling people listed on the table, asking questions, filling in answers then when done clicking a button I created which copies the data to a different document. Each morning I run an API call to delete any rows on the document that they had completed the day before to keep their working area clean. What I haven’t figured out is how to avoid them both trying to work on the same account at the same time and for the display to be as seamless as possible. I have a data element that launches our phone system and enters the person’s number for us and other data they need pulled in to see as they need when on the phone sometimes when working each account but in table view just doesn’t look right to be working and it has multiple patients there at once. I think the card view may work okay but hoping someone has some other solutions I don’t know about. The card view didn’t solve my workflow issue though.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read, understand, and respond to this question!


Quick clarification - these people are signing into Coda using the same account or different accounts ( as in they have their own accounts or share a master account)

If it is the later ( they have their own accounts) then you can create a button to Checkout the account they are working on. This will prevent others from working on the same account. You could have a “release” button that puts it back in the queue if they cannot complete etc.

A detail layout should help with the view you want -

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Would you be able to share your API code that deletes the rows? I’ve been trying to figure out how to delete all the rows in a given table, but it looks like you have to specify which rowID you want to delete? And when I try to pull the rowIDs, I’m only allowed to pull 200 at a time. Trying to figure out how to use the API to delete all rows from a table.


Hi Enoch, I have bad news, I’m no programmer and only way I was able to do this was through a 3rd party tool I use called Integromat. They built these functions for their clients to more easily interact with Coda. I’m attaching screenshots showing what all they have built for interactions with coda.

You can find them here and I highly recommend. I used to utilize Zapier but this company is much more for much less -

Thanks for this Dan! I’ll check them out!