Wrap text for Cards view

Continuing the discussion from Scroll Bars for Tables:
I want to have a Cards view where one of my columns has 1-3 short paragraphs in it. The entire purpose of the Cards view is to show each of these “cells”, grouped in the way I have them grouped (by a category column). This doesn’t work, because I can’t wrap the text when it is in the Cards view (or am I missing something?)

Also in this post (but the request name in that post is not specific, please feel free to merge these 2 topics): ⚡ Please, fix the card view text field


Pretty please!
Obviously it must be available.

I’m running into this too. I had hoped to use the Card Layout as a workaround for other issues I’m having with a Table layout when viewed via Mobile (Columns with Wrap Text don't fully display on Mobile) but I found that even on a Web Browser, the Text columns with Wrap Text turned on don’t wrap at all on Card View.

This is a bug from my perspective. Can this be fixed?