Long Text not fitting in Card view? - No problem!

I’ve always hated that cards are cutting off the text when longer. After using it for about an year I decided that this hack might live longer for good and it’s worth sharing it.

What you need to achieve it:
a) A special Unicode character or emoji, or
b) Use one of the text formatting formulas like _color( ) and _bold( )

Here is a link to the sample doc page along with the video demo on this same page:


Thank you very much.


Super hack! ?Thanks a lot! How do you find it?

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Mostly by logic and luck :slight_smile: Once I figured out that this combo runs into some unexpected behavior I tested it thoroughly.

_card() and select list is also funny because it hyperlinks Unicode characters but I would not recommend it (although I use it for prototyping :imp: )

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Hi @Stefan_Stoyanov! Could you please write an explanation of your hack? The recording is sadly not available anymore

Please explain, I don’t understand that either, the link to the screen recording is dead and the GIF shows a table view, not a card view.

Hello @Nika_Vodvud and @Michael_Singer,
The sample doc page along with the video demo are available in my original post.


Thank you very much! Now I understand what you mean. Great tip!

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